Welcome to RTS website

This website is designed to provide all the necessary information and the latest updates about RTS. Whether you are RTS child parent, a specialist, an expert or just a person willing to help, your impact and role is extremely important for us. We strongly believe that together we can overcome all the problems regarding to RTS.

Want a better world? Make a small step!

Our primary goal is to find а treatment for RTS. On this way we have short and long term tasks:

  • The short term task is to find an epigenetic correction method, e.g. a drug which will compensate lacking CPB or e300 protein function.
  • Long term task is to find a safe gene editing method and correct a mutation which causes RTS.


Clinical trial opportunity for RTS (adults only)

Aug 13 2018

Tetra Discovery Partners suggested that people interested in the Chicago clinical trial visit their website and request more information for the clinical trial. The trial is for a drug that pertains to Fragile X but the same drug is believed to have benefits for RTS as well. As such, Tetra is open to having a separate trial for RTS patients.

Testing drug called BPN14770, which has been passed safety tests on healthy volunteer and acts as a selective PDE4D inhibitor.

Remember, you should be able to visit Chicago on three intervals in six months and should be aged 18-45.

For registration please fill in this form: http://tetradiscovery.com/clinical-trials/ .